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Think DFRNT is a universal one stop shop for artists operating from LMC studios.
Coming up as a musician and producer I realised quick that if I wanted 
to get ahead, I had so much to learn but no place to learn it! Not just about music but about

social media, video editing, spotify, networking, release strategy, building a website and so much more that I had no idea about.


I had no mentor, no money and there was no place to learn about all the different sides of the music industry that I would need to get ahead. So I got started on my own and taught myself as much as I possibly could to upskill and become a one man label. In the process, I met hundreds of artists that were lost and struggling because they needed what I needed. Something the industry was missing.
A one stop shop to cover every service an artist needed but also a space provided for them to learn, upskill and become the self sufficient weapons they need to be to take on the industry today. 

Think DFRNT is the hub for artists to create, learn, upskill and network.

Think DFRNT is a decade of learning, trial & error to give back to artists.

Think DFRNT is the space and mentor I always wished I had. 




Producer / Artist Workshops  (In studio or Online)

Online Short Courses

Social Media / Content Strategy

Website / Press kit design

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Recording / Mixing / Mastering

Beats / Songwriting / Producing

Studio Hire (Fully operational studio, plug in and go!)

Artist Interviews / Song Reviews

Playlist Curating



Photography / Videography

Photo / Video editing

Visual studio hire  (inc. White/Green Wall + lighting)

Podcast/Influencer space hire 

(inc. Cameras / Lighting / Mics, just plug in and go!)

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Music Inudstry Masterclass (Group Sessions)

Space Hire  (inc. Launches / Listening Parties / Meet & Greets)

Panel Talks With Industry Professionals

Artist Management



Available Spaces
- Music Recording studios with podcast / live streaming capabilities available
- Podcast space inc. Chairs, Desk, Mics, Cameras, Lighting, plants and backdrop TV
(bring own Laptop)
Visuals spaces with back drops , soft lights, cameras, stands & props
- White Wall / Green Wall studio for photo/video shoots inc. lighting!
(camera / photographer available upon request)
2x Lesson spaces for instrumental lessons (guitar/piano/drum lessons available)
Outdoor Courtyard Chill, shoot some hoop and take a break in those longer sessions
We want this space to have every thing an artist could possibly need to learn, grow and upskill to become entirely self sufficient and create as much opportuntiy for themselves as possible.
Being a musician today requires artists to be their own producers, social media managers, content creators, video editors, managers and so much more.

The Think DFRNT space was designed by artists to be a universal one stop location to give artists and creators the skills, space and services available to cover all your needs and take your
career to another level!
Whatever you need, we've got you covered.
(Ask us about our free discord channel full of info/resources)


Thanks for submitting!

Hit us up! Tell us about your project and book a session:

Address: 30 charlton ave, Cheltenham, 3192

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